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Sven Otto Littorin

Mr. Sven Otto Littorin is an entrepreneur in business and politics. 

Between 2006 and 2010, Mr. Littorin was Sweden’s Cabinet Minister of Employment and as such in charge of some of the most important reforms of the Government. During the Swedish Presidency of the EU in 2009, mr. Littorin served as President of the European Council of Ministers in its EPSCO formation. 

In the previous election term, 2002-06, Mr. Littorin was the Secretary General of the Moderate Party. During this period, Mr. Littorin was a member of the party leadership team, which transformed the party into a modern centre-right political movement. Mr. Littorin managed four election campaigns at all levels, raising the party’s polls from 15.2 % in 2002 to 26.2 % in 2006, the best election result since 1928. 

Since 2015, mr. Littorin is a founding partner of Serio Group, an investment company in Sweden with holdings in real estate development, integration solutions and government affairs. Further, he is chairman of the Advisory Board of German tech company Linkando. 

In 1997-2002 he was a founding partner of Momentor, a venture catalyst company. Momentor, with affiliations in the US and in China, specialized in early-stage companies and start-ups, where Mr. Littorin and his team helped entrepreneurs and inventors create companies from bright ideas. Momentor co-founded over 30 companies in many diverse industries and business sectors.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Littorin was Chief of Staff to the Minister for Fiscal and Financial Affairs in Sweden.

Mr. Littorin holds a B. Sc. In Economics and Business from Lund University and is a former Visiting Scholar at Stanford University.


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